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: >>megyn: years ago i was at a wedding in arizona and i met ralphy, we are about the same age. he was the nicest guy. he was a huge child star and now a successful producer and director in hollywood. he executive produced "the breakup" among many others. so, hats off to you ralphy. >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b," house republicans say they are moving forward with their backup plan, plan b, to avoid the fiscal
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cliff but the president will veto it. that is going well. where it stands on the battle over taxes and spending. a deadly winter storm system. whiteout conditions state after state leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power from the rockies to the gulf of mexico. it is creating a travel nightmare ahead of the holiday weekend. >> you do realize it is the last day of the world, right? the last day of the world. enjoy it. thank you, mayans. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the state department learned painful lessons from the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. it has to do better. that is what the deputy secretary of state said at hearings on capitol hill. >> we owe it to our colleagues who lost their lives in benghazi, to the security professionals who acted with extraordinary heroism trying to
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protect them and we owe it to thousands of colleagues serving america with great dedication each day at posts around the world. >>shepard: the attack on september 11, killed four americans, coming less than 48 hours after an independent panel released what is a scathing report on security situation in benghazi, blaming the state department for systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels. the report also highlighted how security has deteriorated across eastern libya amid regime change after the death of the dictator muammar qaddafi. >> we did fought do a good enough job and the report highlights trying to help in that struggling pattern. >>shepard: secretary of state, hillary clinton was initially set to testify at the hearings, and she did not appear because the state department reports she
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suffered a bad concussion. now, lawmakers say they have learned secretary clinton will testify in january. and catherine is on the story live on capitol hill today. what more are we learning of warnings that came before the attack? >>reporter: at the senate hearing, her deputies were pushed on state department classified cables that warn the threat was spiking. >> you were aware of the security risk. we have read the cables. you were fully aware. either you sent people there with security or you don't send them there. >>reporter: an august classified cable summarized an emergency meeting in benghazi a month before the attack, directly warning clinton that the consulate could not defend a coordinated assault and the c.i.a. briefed on the location of approximately ten islamist militias and training camps in benghazi. the cable sent by the ambassador has been described as a warning
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foreshadowing how the four americans would die and the groups responsible. >> to what level did the cables get reviewed? >> they would have been reviewed through assistant secretary level and maybe some of my colleagues saw them, as well. >>reporter: fox is confirmed between november of 2011 and the attack a year later there were at least 15 classified cables from the ambassador warning of the deteriorating conditions on the ground and the need for more security. >>shepard: a second hearing got underway. what is the reaction?>>reporterg on the house of representatives side of the same two deputies testifying. republicans charged and raised questions how the state department is using their money. >> we look at september 10, 2012, the day before the most recent attack against the united states and our people, we see that secretary clinton was engaged in launching a new
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program called the diplomatic culinary partnership where american chefs will travel the world to engage in culinary diplomacy. certainly this is an example of misplaced priorities. >>reporter: democrats charge the republicans have been behind a push to limit or cut back on the state department funding for the fiscal year 2013. in addition, they charged that the republicans have politicized benghazi and four american lives have been lost in the mix. >> we have taken the train off the tracks. i would be very pleasantly surprised if one of our colleagues, just one, had on his agenda ready to talk about one of the 29 points or recommendations and say, is this particular one good or bad or can we strengthen it? >>reporter: at hearing we also had confirmation that secretary of state, hillary clinton has agreed to appear by mid-january
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so we will have a repeat of what we saw today with the deputies' testimony on capitol hill by mid-january. the question, still, is what drove the decision to have a light or minimal security footprint on the ground? was this the push back by the bureaucrats in the state department? was it, in fact, a policy driven by the administration? >>shepard: thank you, catherine. ought stalemate over the fiscal cliff continues but this are doings going on with 11 days to go for potential devastating tax hikes. the house will have the votes to pass the republican backup plan b bill which would raise factions for americans of all incomes over $1 million but the president will veto that. it is dead on arrival. >> it is an exercise in republican vote counting that
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will not result in anything for the american people. it cannot pass the senate. the president would veto it if it got to his desk. >>shepard: her her said they are going forward with plan b and accused the white house and senate democrats of inaction afternoon amendment. >> i am not convinced that when the bill passes the house of representatives it will die in the senate. they can take up that bill and they can pass it, they can amend it, they can help move the process. to date, they have done nothing. >>shepard: how about the country? the president is calling for spending cuts and elimination of bush tax cuts for those who make more than $400,000. for all income above $400,000 per year, actually. and now, mike is on capitol hill . everyone is trying to figure out how to blame the others.
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>>reporter: the house republican leadership says they are not clear how the talks between president obama and speaker boehner are going to go so they feel like with the country headed toward the fiscal cliff less than two weeks from now, this is the responsible act. right new, on the house of representatives floor, they are voting on the rules to proceed for a vote later this evening on this plan b. earlier today, the house majority leader is making his pitch for the backup plan. >> absent a balanced offer from the president, this is our nation's best option and senate democrats should take up both the measures immediately. the president has a decision to make, he can support the measures or be responsible for reckless spending and the largest tax hike in american history. >> we have heard that point from a lot of republicans making the pitch for the backup plan that if there is not a deal struck ten now and the end of the year you have taxes going up on
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everyone and they are bringing up the backup plan hoping it is a safety net in case the talks between the white house and top lawmakers on the hill does not work out. >>shepard: what are leaders in the senate saying? >>reporter: they are saying essentially that plan is dead on arrival when it gets to the senate and they are telling their republican colleagues in the house of representatives, you should be talking down the other end of pennsylvania avenue with the white house. here is harry reid, the jot -- majority leader. >> we are here to reach out to the republicans and tell them get back and talk to the p you have a multitrillion dollar deal they have been talking about. there are a couple of hundred billion apart. this is senseless. senseless the speaker is doing what he is doing. >>reporter: we are looking at a two-track process, the backup plan coming for a vote in the house of representatives and the
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senate says they will not take it up. the president threatened to veto it but the republicans are saying if it is the only thing keeping the country from facing a massive tax hike in the new year, will the senate really not act on it? you have a high stakes game of chicken headed into the new year. >>shepard: thank you. and now, the managing editor of "the hill" news. good to see you. have they forgotten about us as they play their political games? >>guest: a lot of political games the past week. we have christmas and santa will have to fly around the fiscal cliff because it will be here and the lawmakers will go home for christmas and back next week because right now, other than the house of representatives vote, which you were talking about, the bill is not going anywhere in the senate and we are nowhere. >>shepard: they are not that far apart. are republicans in the house of representatives now trying to
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figure out a way if this happens to blame the other side or do they actually think they can do something? >>guest: if boehner can pass the bill and it will be a tight vote tonight, because most democrats will vote no and you have a lot of tea party lawmakers not fond of this, if he passes it, he increases leverage and this is what washington gained a house of representatives and senate, they ping-pong back and forth but we are getting close and the markets will get rattled soon. >>shepard: they voted on the rule to proceed which passed. next comes the vote. the majority whip says they have the votes and this will pass in the house of representatives. but it will not pass in the senate. if it did the president would veto it and he says, i won an election, remember? this is what i campaigned on and i am not moving off of this. if they cannot get together like the bunch that they are, can he at some point do something legislatively or is that not
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possible? >>reporter: they have talked where they could postpone the tax increases but only for a short amount of time. you think where we were a month ago compared to now and the president moved. he moved from $250,000 to $400,000 and speaker officer put tax rates on the table. social security is now on the table again they have moved. they are not that far apart but they are not up against the december 31 deadline which usually forces action. >>shepard: thank you, bob. they voted on the rule. the rule to proceed is allowed. now they will proceed. tonight, during fox report, any will vote. the house of representatives will most likely pass this. then it will die like a christmas tree in january. it will be as worthless and they will chop it up and throw it away and it will be not worth the paper it is printed on. thank you washington for all
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>>shepard: it is a fox weather alert. four people are reported dead from the giant storm system that stretched from the plains to the southeast. it triggered blizzard conditions and what we believe to be tornadoes in south alabama knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. omaha, where the storm virtually shut down were of the city, schools, stores, banks, all closed, as folks brace for a foot of snow. you can see how wide this storm system is with wind advisory from the upper northwest to the gulf of mexico. in south alabama, a possible tornado tore the roof off of this family business just outside of mobile, alabama, the owner says she is thankful the community is helping clean up. >> the birds in the streets are in shake and on the ground.
12:17 pm
it has been, a lot worse than i thought it would be. >>shepard: it is not over. rick is in the extreme weather center. this is going to go away, right? rick: it will. we have another 24 hours. the rain before it moves off to the northeast and we still have the snow to deal with and tornado threats across the south so we are not done with it yet crossing into the appalachians and the heavy snow across wisconsin and iowa and it is windy and chicago, they have gone 290 days without having any kind of snow and that is about to change in two hours as it moves in and they will get 2" to 4" of snow and we have winter storm watches in effect and the biggest concern is where you see the dark red, blizzard warnings so we will see enough wind with the know and it will be blowing and causing more problems on the roads. still deeding with severe threat
12:18 pm
through tonight in the mid-atlantic and across parts of snow snow and a tornado or two so folks need to watch. >>shepard: anything else? rick: an active pattern so we have more storms headed out across the west coast. here is the storm we are talking about now. remember a week and a a half ago we saw 20" of rain in california? we will see 10" following in the same spot, a colder system this time, though, a transition into snow and we will see 4' to 6' of snow in the mountains of lake tahoe. >>shepard: thanks. a massive 35-car pileup on the long island expressway yesterday afternoon killed at least one person and hurt dozens. it happened without any rain. no sleet. no snow. no problems. a tractor trailer smacked into
12:19 pm
several vehicles at exit 68 on the long island express way and set off a series of crashes and three vehicles caught fire including that tractor trailer. five fire departments and 20 emergency response teams came to the fileup and multiple callers say the tractor trailer was swerving before the crash. one of the people in the middle of it say it happened so quickly. >> like a movie. chain reaction that happened so fast and no one could react. >>shepard: the cops don't know what caused the crash and they have not filed any charges. we told you of a daring risen break and now we are learning it happened before. how do a couple of dangerous crooks make an insane escape close to 30 years later? that is next. ing up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice.
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>>shepard: the manhunt is continuing this hour for two escaped convicts after a daring escape from a jail in downtown chicago. it happened at the only skyscraper lockups. this was designed to prevent jail breaks. duh. it is triangle shaped so it is easier to guard. they found a way out partly by busting a hole in the wall and climbing 20 stories using a rope made from sheets. the investigators don't know where they got all the sheets. it is unclear how they were able to smash a hole in the wall near a 6" wide window without the guards hearing on seeing it and change from their orange jumpsuits and get away. this afternoon the two men are still loose and officials say
12:24 pm
they could be armed and dangerous. we have special agent in charge of the f.b.i. chicago field office. this is a slap in the face, isn't it? >>guest: it is an amazing escape. we are focused not so much on how they got out of jail but where they are and getting them back in jail. >>shepard: this happened 30 years ago, i understand, from one them headed south to mississippi and another went in another direction and they were caught. do you see similarities? or what is the word? >>guest: i am not familiar with the event that happened in 1986. this was fairly well planned. they slipped through in the middle of the night and cameras caught them at 2:40 in the morning hairing a cap three
12:25 pm
blocks away, and headed southbound. several hours later, they showed up at one of the subject's mother's house, got some clothing, and, again, headed out on foot and have not been seen since. >>shepard: you look first at places familiar to the guys, right? >>guest: we do. we have a number of viable leads we go through all kinds of leads. we have been work 24/7 in conjunction with the marshal office and the chicago police department task force officers. >>shepard: you are getting a lot people from others along way? >>guest: we have not expanded too far outside chicago at this point but we are looking at some things throughout the country and usually we do get lots of help. part of me being here today is to enlist the the the public's .
12:26 pm
we have up to $50,000 reward, and asking for the public's assistance if they see one or both of them. >>shepard: we will put up the pictures especially if the chicago area in and around that area. they may have changed their hair but necessity clearly not wearing the orange jumpsuits, do not give someone a call. they need to go back to downtown chicago. good luck. sir. thank you for all you do. >> the seen regime has grown increasingly isolated. that sentence could have been written on these paper as year ago. but iran is one of the friends and now iran is getting something in change that could make israel rethink plans to strike. we have a live report on that, on this sledgehammer network. as families continue to bury their dead, we are getting word
12:27 pm
that scamers are trying to take advantage of the victims. good grief. this is coming up approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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>>shepard: i i am shepard smith and this is "studio b." speaker boehner is moving ahead with the g.o.p. plan "b" for addressing the fiscal cliff all the white house called it a multiday exercise in futility because the president is going to veto it. this is still an opportunity for compromise? any sign the republicans are doing anything with the democrats or just sticking out their tongues at each other? >>guest: it is not cheer how much progress they made but they have narrowed their differences. the president agreed to raise the amount of income he was willing to protect from tax
12:31 pm
hikes and speaker boehner agreed the tax cuts would expire for millionaires which seems like they are a long way apart but press secretary carney says obama never suggested he made the final offer. >> instead of taking the opportunity presented to them to continue to negotiate what could be a very helpful, large deal for the american people, the republicans in the house of representatives have decided to run down an alley with no exit while we all watch. >>reporter: he says there is no way the senate would pass or the president would sign a bill that raises taxes $1,000 for those making less than $30,000 a year. >>shepard: how do republicans justify the vote? >>reporter: they say if the house passes plan "b" and the democrats do nut follow suit it is democrats who will be blamed for the tax hike. the polls do not support that.
12:32 pm
speaker boehner says plan "b" preserved the cuts for 99 percent of the country and keeps other taxes like the alternative minimum tax and the estate tax from rising. >> two years ago 53 democrats vote god a bill like this. now they say they oppose it. but rather than tell us what they can't do, maybe they should tell us what they can do. >>reporter: if congress and president can do not deal with the alternative minimum tax most people will not be able to file their income tax returns until march. >>shepard: we can keep our money longer. good to see you. fox news has learned the seen government that has been killing its own people if a couple of years is giving iran a missile dense system for their support. the syrian regime is using cargo planes to send the iranians russian-made systems which russia refuses to sell to the iranians.
12:33 pm
of course, iran has been supplying syria with fighters and could change plans to strike iran's nuclear facilities. former intelligence officer mike barrett joins us, the c.e.o. of security consulting firm diligent innovation. this could change the israelis' plan? >>guest: it is a fairly advanced system. what you get is upgraded radar and the ability to take down the missiles you shoot in first. a major tactic when you attack using aircraft you want to send in antiradiation missile to take out the radar but if iran has a high are number of missile sites that changes the equation and it puts a certain amount of uncertainty. they are truck mounted and it creates a lot of unnopes so you have to rethink the attack plan from the israeli point of view. >>shepard: would the world try
12:34 pm
to stop this exchange from happening? >>reporter: the russians in 2009 agreed to sell them but there was tremendous pressure by the united states and the israel and other world powers to prevent that sale and that gives you a good indication of how advanced the missiles are. it is a game changer. a challenge with military is that the technology comes in leaps leaps leaps and bounds and is not steady. as more and more systems are deployed and used and the russians, someone is getting money for these and they will do more research and create the next generation of missiles, it shows how much the technology is changing. >> there are a series of developments show the two major flaws in the planning? >>guest: that is right. clearly, i have said several times in discussions with you, when you come to a situation like syria you go all in and say bashar al-assad has to go and make that happen or you stay out of it. i am if a camp that says we should stay out but we have
12:35 pm
decided to be half in. wait until a certain number of citizens die and wait physical a certain amount of chemical or other weapons proliferate and the other cracks start to happen so you start seeing russia and iran tag teaming and being drawn closer by a common policy but that is a failure and the other as i alluded to usuallier, the technology, continue to grow. when it is the small weapons that are bad enough but this is a significant weapon system as i said. nato and the united states were aggressive about making sure they did not get deployed so we would not be in this situation. >>shepard: does that speed up whatever israel was going to do or does israel scuttle what they were going to do? >>guest: at the end of the day, you can look at the situates from a lot of perspectives but from the israeli point of view it is not particularly likely iran would use this but the reality is,
12:36 pm
they could. they could use nuclear weapons, this would be a serious problem. >>shepard: thank you, mike. >> another gut wrenching day in the aftermath of the new town massacre. federal prosecutors say now part of a sad daily remembering of what happened. more funerals are planned for the weekend. an out of state family has claimed the body of the shooter's mother, after her son shot her in the face repeatedly at their home before he drove to the cool and it willed 26 more people. nancy lanza was a victim her name is missing from many of the memorials. some say they have little sympathy for her as one parent told the "washington post" independence why would a woman who had a son like this who
12:37 pm
clearly had serious issues have assault weapons in the house and teach him house to shoot them? that is one of the many questions being asked. rick is in newtown for us. the investigators have hit a roadblock. rick: the most critical piece of potential evidence is the computer hard drive that adam lanza destroyed or attempted to destroy before the shooting spree. according to numerous sources he spent hours each day in a windowless room in his basement of the family home playing violent video games online and a record of his activists, who he played, connections he might have had, surfing he might have done on the computer, research or planning for the crime, all of that would have been stamped on the hard drive which now is being analyzed by the f.b.i. in virginia reportedly so far without any success. nancy atlanta, her mother, could
12:38 pm
have been able to provide insight into his state of mind or possible motives. she knew him the best but she was executed so any of those answers are obviously gone. >>shepard: there are attempts to victimize the victims again. i am reading of a scam website. >>guest: when we see a tragedy like this, this is an outpouring of support, an outpouring of donations and people coming together. there also is, always, ands that pop up. in this case the family of six-year-old noah discovered someone set up a website in his name after he was killed. the website created by someone they didn't necessity and they were soliciting donations claiming they would send whatever was collected to his parents and siblings, while listing an address at the bronx, they have never heard of and the site has been transferred to the family and is not available on
12:39 pm
line. >>shepard: thank you from newtown, risk. great work up there. the slowing holiday sales could mean big savings for all of us. there is word, now, we will see rock bottom prices in brick and mortar stores as they struggle to make up for lost ground. plus, we are only hours away from the end of the world, right? the world ends tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. plus 11 minutes in oxford. that would be 11:11 on the east coast. if you eversleep in california you will miss the end of the world. nasa is even responding to the hysteria coming up on the final
12:40 pm
"studio b," 16 years ago and now it is over. thanks so much for being with us.
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>>shepard: and americans are reversing a year of decline saying the number of first time jobless claims went up by 17 percent last week and it is still below the level that analysts say indicate employers are hiring. you can expect big discounts in stores the final days of the shopping season but retailers have held off on slashing prices because it has not paid off. a research firm says sales last week were down more than 4 percent compared to a year ago. online sales are up 13 percent since november according to researchers with that still below what analysts expected. gerri willis is with us. why aren't people shopping?
12:44 pm
>>gerri: a big surprise because analysts expected sales to go up 3.5 percent and it will only go up 2.5 percent. the reality is only 37 percent of us have completed our shopping. there are lots of price slashing that will go on this weekend. toys 'r us and macy's planning all night shopping, and deep discounted continuing here and this is not as good as people hoped. >>shepard: tell us of the last minute deals. gear gore you heard about the iphone at walmart offering iphone at $63 discount, with the two year contrt. so that means $127. and sak's, 60 percent off on designer clothing, and children's palace, 75 percent
12:45 pm
off on their website. >>shepard: well, you could still fedex. >>gerri: here the deal, we had an analyst who said once you discount beyond 50 percent, you have ruined the profit margin. if you have all of your clothing on sale like that, you are not going do make much money. >>shepard: you would think on the last day of the world they would give it away. what are the fools doing applying for unemployment benefits. >>gerri: if it is the end of the year, i don't need to christmas shop. >>shepard: just go home and drink and do whatever married adults do. whatever that is it. >>gerri: that could already be on the list. >>shepard: there will be friend friend but bill and martha will wrap it up. that is it. they will get 11 minutes into jon scott and jenna, and that is it. it is impossible do avoid this, this is the first day we have talked about it because i know
12:46 pm
it is a loafed crap. today we will talk about it. the mayan calendar ends december 21, 2012. today is the last day. today is doomsday. some in central america say that is a good reason for a party in central america, where anything is good for a party. the dancers are rehearsing in guatemala. if you are planning a last minute trip the hotels are sold out. now, for the last time, jonathan hunt is with us, although he will be with us tonight and then the drinking begins. the preparations are underway. >>jonathan: people seem to believe and there is a town in turkty that is inundated with folks because that is going to survive. how the mayans that turkey existed, i am not clear but they were very smart and they made the calendar. in las vegas you can bet on that, and a lot of folks are
12:47 pm
shopping at the zombie apocalypse floor buying food, water, and something called zombie fighting tools. in italy, in europe, a lot of italians are baying little red horns because little red horns ward off the so-called evil i didn't. and, then, putin is not worried at all, the russian president says he knows when the world is ending, 4.5 billion years away but he also said, today, and this is interesting, that life on earth will end before the world ends because the sun is going to turn into a little white dwarf. this has been a good crop of mushrooms this year. >>shepard: apparently. maybe he can slay a dragon. what left is nasa is left.
12:48 pm
>>jonathan: nasa made a video datelined the day after the apocalypse with this message. >> december 22, 2012. if you are watch this video, it means one thing: the world didn't end yesterday. >>shepard: it means they released it early. >>jonathan: nasa says there are no comets that will collide with the earth or nothing that will bun us up but they did it early which makes you wonder really they really are preparing and just wanted to put this out but if you want reliable evidence the world is not ending i talked to my brother in new zealand a short time ago and it is already december 21st and the world has not ended. and my brother when sober is very reliability. >>shepard: so it is the last day of the world. what would you do? >>jonathan: go home and hug my wife.
12:49 pm
>>shepard: ahhhh. i have to go to an art show. >>jonathan: that is a real way to end the world, that is a sign of the apocalypse. >>shepard: i thought the storm would wash him away but he floats. >>jonathan: he is a survivor. >>shepard: i am giving the suits away this afternoon. all right, a new study on steroids and college football is obviously worthless since there is no more college football. programs are not doing enough to combat ongoing problem of steroids. really? i did not notice the college footballs were very big they used to much bigger about 40 years ago. accident they? no, no, no, they were not. enjet end of the world.
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>>shepard: there is a new study that will stun you: college sports programs can do more to test for steroids. colleges test if drugs like marijuana, rather then steroids. because steroids tests more expensive. that could help explain why the zero failure rate for steroid tests is not a reliable gauge. they found 100 college football players who packed on up to 80 pounds of muscle in a single year, experts say adding more than 20 or 25 pounds of lean muscle is impossible through diet and exercise alone. that is the end of that study. but i wanted to take us off to washington, dc, now, senator daniel inouye who passed away
12:54 pm
days away is being honored on capitol hill and there is senator bob doles republican presidential candidate, as i am sure you know who has arrived with harry reid who is the majority leader, the senate majority leader and the two are to pay respects this afternoon to daniel inouye of hawaii. this has been going on for hours. they change the guard every half hour and notables come to pay their respects. senator inouye, of hawaii, first served us as a soldier in world war ii and was a senator, get this, for 50 years. inouye was a war hero. he lost his right arm while leading the platoon into battle in italy and awarded the medal of honor and died on monday of breathing complications at age of 88.
12:55 pm
he became hawaii's first congressman following statehood in 1969. he won election to the senate in 1962. only 31 people have laid in the cap doll rotunda and the last was gerald ford six years ago and the last senator honored was the democrat humphrey in 1978. he will be escorted to the washington cathedral and returned to hawaii on saturday to honor an american hero who died on monday. senator inouye.
12:56 pm
>>shepard: senator dole and his wife and harry reid and the rest on the late senator inouye, senator inouye often credited a man he met in world war ii army hospital in italy with getting him into politics. i messages he lost his arm. eventually he met the united states majority leader and 96th presidential candidate,
12:57 pm
bob dole, remembered his old friend as a heck of a guy who came from a different time when a man understood a handshake, as bob dole put it. high understood if you want to get things done you have to treat people civilly and he never had an enemy in the united states senate. bob dole often said he and daniel inouye were wounded in italy a week apart and a hill apart. bob dole is 89 today, paying respects to his go friend from the senate, senator inouye, lies in state. and will, until friday. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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